Nasta Reiss Visitenkarten, auf 450g Gmund Cotton


Nasta tracked us down after we moved our studio to the Rheinauhafen last year…READ MORE


hochwertige visitenkarten mit prägung

Wir haben gerade den Druck dieser hochwertigen Visitenkarten mit Prägung für den preisgekrönten kroatischen Designer Luka Balic beendet. Luka war auf der Suche nach etwas besonderem für seine Visitenkarten und sah die Karten, die wir für den britischen Designer David Airey angefertigthatten. Luka’s wie auch David Airey’s Visitenkarten wurden auf Gmund 600g/m² Linen Creme gedruckt.

EN: Luka Balic approached Kikisoso after viewing our business cards that we created for UK graphic Designer David Airey. We used the same 600 gsm weight cotton card from quality paper manufacturer Gmund. A simple one sided – one colored letterpress print onto the exquisit cotton paper.

hochwertige visitenkarten mit prägung
Gmund Baumwolle Papier mit Prägung

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Letterpress Visitenkarten für Bohlen Design

We printed these Letterpress Business cards for our friend and Cologne Südstadt neighbor Nick Bohlen. Nick supplied the layout for the cards and we printed them on 100% cotton stock. The orange colour is often hard to achieve using digital printing on a CMYK pallet. This is one of the beauties of letterpress printing, where we can use the Pantone base colors to mix almost any colour we need.

letterpress Visitenkarten köln

A lovely bright orange without the brown tinge often seen in digital printing using a CMYK colour system

We achieved a fair impression on the cards keeping in mind that we never want to have any evidence of the print on the rear of the card. The logo signet of the ‘n’ and ‘b’ in Nick’s logo, raises nicely from the background, a haptic quality synonymous with embossing. The orange was a delight to print, requiring only one pass on the printer and therefore keeping the colour true. As letterpress ink has a certain transparency, a second pass would change the colour significantly. This is why sometimes we have to mix a colour for 2 passes or for a single pass and it can all even be determined by room temperature, paper or even the consistency of the ink.

Letterpress Druckerei in Köln

Project info:
Orange mixed to match Nick’s orange color chip. 100% Pantone black used for the text.
100% bright white cotton card used for it’s brightness, soft finish and great impression.
We printed 100 of these cards one-by-one on our Antique printing press

Do you like the cards? We always love to hear from you so be sure to leave your comments below.


here is one of our latest letterpress köln hand printed business cards. the project entailed the layout design and print for Beate R. the proprietor of the wool shop Schnurstrax Stricken situated in the Bayenthal area of Köln. Beate wanted something different, that you could feel with a haptic quality related to, and to communicate her business. Our thick and fluffy 100% cotton lettra paper was just the right thing.


Settling on a 2 colour / 2 sided print, we then created a new layout for the cards, allowing the wool ball to unravel and stretch nicely across to the second side of the card and spelling out the web address. It also allowed for a nice arrangement when displaying the cards together.

We are almost as thrilled as Beate with the outcome. To put it in her own words, “I like them so much, I don’ want to give them away”. A nice complement for our work 😉


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