Letterpress - Special offerLetterpress - Special offer

3 CARDS OF YOUR CHOICE ONLY 11€ we are aware that postage and packaging costs can sometimes be a little bit pricey to say the least, but we are trying to help take the sting out of buying our letterpress greeting cards online. If you buy 3 cards of your choice you can save up to 2.50€ on the individual price and… you only pay shipping on 1 card. Go to the shop now


LET KIKI HANDWRITE & POST YOUR CHOSEN CARD Another money saver for you here… why not have kiki handwrite your card so we can send it directly to your loved one? By doing this you can save up to 2.50€ shipping. We ship the cards in their supplied envelopes for you and we write your personal message into the card in blue or black ink, depending on your preference. All details are to be inserted into the ‘message to seller’ input box when making your payment. Visit page


we have just created a ‘bespoke design’ for letterpress baby announcements. you can order either the boy or girl template and have your  little one’s details inserted, such as name, birthplace, time, weight etc. the baby announcement cards are also printed on kikisoso’s house paper, 100% cotton lettra paper. we have two examples below in the usual pink or the blue, however, we have also been asked for other colours so drop us a line if you are interested in another color.

the designs come in a set of 25 cards, gift wrapped in a recycled presentation box including corresponding envelopes. you can order additional sets of 10 of cards and envelopes depending on your needs. now available on our kikisoso shop

Baby_Cole_01 letterpress baby announcements

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