Label for Bienwerk and Törchen Törtchen Patisserie Cologne

Kikisoso has been printing Cologne’s own Bienwerk honey labels for a a while now and just recently they asked us to design and print a special branded label for one of their best customers. Exciting stuff for the Kikisoso team. Törtchen Törtchen literally translates in English as ‘Little Tarts – Little Tarts’, it works better in German of course. They create amazing, beautiful and colorful cakes, tarts and french pastries etc. it is a patisserie with artistic flair making it stand out.

Bienwerk honey Label - Törtchen Törtchen

For the labels we wanted to do something original but yet make sure the branding was not ignored. A colorful splash (brand colour of course)  contrasted with the negative logo on Bienwerks traditional black white cotton labels was perfect. Bienwerk’s honey comes in 360g squeezable bottles and 325g glass jars and it is already starting to populate Colognes best cafes and restaurants. You will also soon be  able to buy it online, so watch this space.

you can see the original Bienwerk logos here and also a re-brand of their logo and business card here, all carried out by Kikisoso earlier this year.

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Close up of the logo we created, pressed nicely into the soft cotton stock.

We created (designed and Printed) these simple business cards for Cologne Bienwerk Imkerei (local beekeeper and honey producer). Printed on soft cotton card and a decent impression easily felt on the fingertips.


Here you can see what makes letterpress different from the standard business card.

The paper is extremely soft to the touch and with the impression of the logo and text gives it that haptic and luxurious quality with which standard cards just can’t compare.

read about Bienwerk’s honey labels on our earlier post here. See more of our letterpress cards here. Alternatively, you can see our edge painted letterpress business cards for UK Graphic Designer David Airey or a preview of Cologne based designer Nick Bohlen’s 2 colour cards printed on Cranes lettra cotton stock.


letterpress honey jar labels. Pooh bear would have loved these…well the honey anyway. Just off the press and entered into the Fedrigoni Paper Design Competition 2014. Design an print by kikisoso creative studio

DE –  Südstädter und Imker Frank bat uns die Verpackung für seine Honiggläser neu zu gestalten, aber bitte ohne Bienen, dafür mit einem Wal und typischen Imker Werkzeug!

Das haben wir sehr gerne getan und sein Logo neu gestaltet und dann die Illustrationen für Wal und Bienensmoker gefertigt. Die Etiketten haben wir dann im Letterpressverfahren auf unserer guten alten Golding von Hand gedruckt … wir sind sehr zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis … und der Honig ist köstlich!


EN – Local beekeeper and honey producer Frank Methien dropped by the studio with an idea for the packaging for his honey and it didn’t involve bees. As you would expect, most honey labels and honey packaging is based around the bees and the natural honeycombs hexagonal form. Frank didn’t want bees and he didn’t want hexagons… he wanted a whale. At first we were a little unsure, but in the end it all made perfect sense and we are chuffed with the outcome.

letterpress honey jar labels. Pooh bear would have loved these…well the honey anyway. Just off the press and entered into the Fedrigoni Paper Design Competition 2014. Design an print by kikisoso creative studio

The beekeepers’ smoking tool featured on one of the labels.

The project started with a re-design of  the Bienwerk logo, just to make it a little bit less serious allowing the label and branding for Bienwerk to be a little more playful. Logo completed, we got to work on the illustrations. The first illustrations were of the Bee Keeper’s tools in the end choosing the Smoker as the most interesting. The second chosen illustration was of the whale you see below.



The whale is featured on the second label and the translation from German is ‘Save the whale… eat honey!’

If you reside in the Cologne Südstadt and want to get your hands on a jar of Frank’s tasty honey then you can get in touch with him here.

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