A little info about us

Kiki what? – Whats in a name?

We were intrigued by the name Kikisoso as were our kids, who cheerfully chirped the name around our home as we sowed the seeds for our new ‘Design and Letterpress’ business. The Tibetan name as it is pronounced ‘Ki Ki So So’ is a triumphant call, the cry of  a warrior, a call to rouse senses above all hatred and aggression. It is also whispered by travelers crossing a mountain pass as they pass danger and move into a safe place. We drew an analogy between the meaning and the beginning of a new chapter for us.

Our Ethos – How we roll

We are designers who love all things paper and appreciate the beauty of a minimal and modern aesthetic. Using traditional craft skills and our antique printing press, we provide a full letterpress printing and design service. ‘Slow printing’ as letterpress is also know, involves craftsmanship, care and patience but all for a good cause and outstanding result. Our customers desire for the handmade and custom is met with the creation of something beautiful and tangible that speaks to the beholder personally.

Kikisoso – The Environment

As parents we also care about the environment and of course the planet’s future state for our children.

Everyone has a responsibility to promote sustainability.
At Kikisoso we embrace those principles dearly by creating beautiful AND sustainable paper products. Our greeting cards, bespoke projects are printed in house on ‘tree free’ 100% cotton paper or FSC certified card. Greeting cards are inserted by hand into Biodegradable sleeves, we go this extra mile to reduce our products environmental footprint.

With this pair it is not “Business”, but rather a passionate
artistic craft at the highest level.
Each card is unique, hand-printed on highest quality paper.


Thank you very much for your wonderful work.


Søren Eiko Mielke – Entertainer, Director

Siebdruck und Letterpress Druck - Limitierte Auflage für Künstler
Who we are

We are Samay Böll & Nick Elliott, a German-Irish man wife creative team, of thinkers, designers, and craftsmen/craftswoman. Our paths first crossed in England while studying design at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design university college. From the offset we found we worked very well together, complimenting one another’s respective fields of expertise, Graphic Design & Fashion Design. After a number of years working in our respective fields in London (Head of Creative & Assistant Fashion Designer) we relocated to the city of Cologne in Germany. After working in various Creative positions we decided to sow the seeds for our own design and letterpress studio. Since 2012 kikisoso has been thriving as a full service design & letterpress studio offering branding, illustration, packaging, web design and a bespoke letterpress printing service. 2015 seen us successfully launching our kikisoso range of hand crafted letterpress greeting cards for wholesale and in April 2016 we released Papermint, another eco-friendly FSC greeting card range.

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