me and mietz letterpress cards

Martina from Me and Mietz ordered a set of our cute little ‘kiki-petits‘ for her minimal business card. Martina’s runs a fashion blog and she gave me a little explanation into the name. Mietz (short for Mietzekatze)  is a little white fluffy cat who accompanies her during her daily life and when traveling. Mietz the cat is illustrated by talented illustrator Maya under her own column on the blog called “Mietz by Maya”.

me and mietz letterpress cards

kiki petites – beautifully packaged in tissue paper and their own presentation box

me and mietz letterpress cards

me and mietz‘s gift wrapped kiki petites just before being shipped off to Martina. You can view Martina’s website here

Project info:
Format 5cm x 7cm
Dark grey rubber based ink (Pantone black and white mixed)
Printed on our house paper 100% cotton Cranes Lettra
We printed 100 of these cards one-by-one on our Antique printing press and sent them in a beautiful presentation box

We would love to hear your comments. What do you think of the cards, do you like the packaging?

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