GTO Letterpress meets Kikisoso

Last Saturday morning we welcomed fellow printer Graham Judd to the Kikisoso studio. Graham is from Birkenhead on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand and he had contacted us while planning his European trip and asked us if he could drop by to see our studio while visiting Cologne. We had a great deal to chat about such as our services, customers and processes etc. and I believe we have both taken something positive away from our meeting. It’s nice to have a chat with someone who shares the passion of letterpress printing and of course learn how others run their studios in contrast. Graham’s studio is equipped with a Heidelberg Windmill or as they are better known in Germany, an Original Heidelberg Tiegel (OHT) widely known as the ‘Prince of Presses’. We on the other hand have a hand-fed 100 year old Golding N0. 7 Jobber, but we basically print the same kind of projects. Graham prints all his Letterpress projects with the Windmill and he supports the letterpress printing with his digital printer, used for printing card inserts and booklets etc. etc. which help him offer a full service alongside his letterpress wedding invitations etc.

After a few hours nattering, Graham was on his way to the Heidelberg Factory and then he would be paying the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz a visit. which would certainly be a treat for him. Here’s a picture of Graham giving our N0. 7 Jobber a whirl during his visit. Visit graham’s website here.  You can also get a peek into the studio on his promotional video on my other post.


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