After working closely with Jakob and Esther on their letterpress wedding invitations we asked them to come along to the studio as we were ready to print the first colour. Jakob and Esther joined us as I just finished setting up and inking the disk on our Rodi press (Our 1886 Golding Official Press) ready for the first colour print of their wedding invitations. We had suggested they came by in order to print the first invitation themselves and they were thrilled to do so. After a toast and a bit more fiddling with the rollers on the Press we were ready to go. Here are a few pictures of the printing and the finished product that Esther collected a few days later.


Esther presenting the first invitation she printed with her fiancé Jakob on our antique press ‘Rody’. One colour down, and one more to go.

sketch wedding couple - ilustrated wedding invitation

this was the first round of sketches of the couple and the general idea of the banner. It was a little tricky to get Esther just right so that she was recognizable, but we got there in the end which you can see below.

Wedding invitation with illustration of the couple

mixing the inks for letterpress printing

Mixing the inks to a pantone reference on a piece of plexiglass. The inks are weighed out and then mixed together using a stiff paint knife.

letterpress wedding Invitations with a gate fold.

Letterpress Wedding Invitations -


esther & jackos’ invitations were a bespoke design and we’re almost as pleased with the outcome as they are. although custom/bespoke design is a large part of what samay and I do here at kikisoso, we are currently working on a range of wedding invitation sets which are based on a customizable templates. these will allow you the option to choose colours, fonts and papers according to your personal preference. there is a large selection of papers available for your invitations and we can order almost any paper of your choice if you have a very special requirement.

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