Just before Christmas we were kept busy printing these wonderful letterpress wedding invitations for Ala’a R. from Kuwait. Ala’a is a graphic designer herself and so she actually created the designs and we printed them here in the studio.


letterpress hochzeitskarten

The design for the letterpress invitation was inspired by the Kuwaiti Sadu pattern, because the reception was held in a tradition Kuwaiti house which incidentally, is now used as a Sadu museum/cultural space. The original idea was to print using Pantone gold (Pantone 871 u) but I was not convinced that the Gold would achieve the right effect on a non-coated surface as I often see in letterpress printing rather than offset where it is not an issue. However, we managed to mix a close tone which worked well with the chosen paper and contrasted it with a nice deep red.

Letterpress Hochzeitskarten Köln

Together we decided on the Gmund Cotton linen card and as we were printing both sides of the invitation, the back with the Sadu pattern and the front with the wedding details, we needed to bump the paper weight up to a good sturdy 600gsm. The invitations were paired with Gmund cotton linen envelopes and to finish Ala’a used a deep red wax seal with a continuation of the pattern before sending them on their way.


A close up view of the Kuwaiti Sadu pattern on the rear of the invitations.


the heart continues the Sadu pattern on the rear of the cards.

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