we sent David Airey a stack of edge painted business cards a few weeks back and he was delighted. David Is a very well known Graphic Designer and Author ( logo design loveWork for Money, Design for Love ) and is also the editor of three of the most popular design blogs on the Internet attracting hundreds of thousands of subscribers and more than 600K visitors every month.

David Airey Business cards - Edge painted

David Airey’s own design – We gave the cards a deeper impression as we were working with 600gsm cards

DavidAirey_05  DavidAirey_03

Soft and thick Gmund Linen 600gsm card –  Ideal for edge painting

DavidAirey_02 David Airey Business cards - Edge painted

You can catch up with David’s comments on the cards on his own blog here or any of his other blogs: logodesignlove.com, and identitydesigned.com
and you can see more examples of edge painted cards here

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