Nasta Reiss Visitenkarten, auf 450g Gmund Cotton


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Fine Letterpress Printer in Auckland, New Zealand.

GTO – Letterpress studio New Zealand

We had a visit in the studio from Graham Judd the owner at GTO Printers, an award winning specialist print
studio situated in Birkenhead on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. This is Graham’s Promotional video filmed in his Auckland studio. GTO Printing also prints digitally when a client needs additional cards such
as menus or directions cards READ MORE

Nasta Reiss Visitenkarten, auf 450g Gmund Cotton


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mini cooper christmas card


Our new illustrated set of letterpress Christmas cards just off the press in our Cologne studio. READ MORE

letterpress birthday cards


Another set of letterpress Birthday cards just off the press in our Cologne studio. READ MORE


hochwertige visitenkarten mit prägung

Wir haben gerade den Druck dieser hochwertigen Visitenkarten mit Prägung für den preisgekrönten kroatischen Designer Luka Balic beendet. Luka war auf der Suche nach etwas besonderem für seine Visitenkarten und sah die Karten, die wir für den britischen Designer David Airey angefertigthatten. Luka’s wie auch David Airey’s Visitenkarten wurden auf Gmund 600g/m² Linen Creme gedruckt.

EN: Luka Balic approached Kikisoso after viewing our business cards that we created for UK graphic Designer David Airey. We used the same 600 gsm weight cotton card from quality paper manufacturer Gmund. A simple one sided – one colored letterpress print onto the exquisit cotton paper.

hochwertige visitenkarten mit prägung
Gmund Baumwolle Papier mit Prägung

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Black and Gold christmas cards


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Label for Bienwerk and Törchen Törtchen Patisserie Cologne

Kikisoso has been printing Cologne’s own Bienwerk honey labels for a a while now and just recently they asked us to design and print a special branded label for one of their best customers. Exciting stuff for the Kikisoso team. Törtchen Törtchen literally translates in English as ‘Little Tarts – Little Tarts’, it works better in German of course. They create amazing, beautiful and colorful cakes, tarts and french pastries etc. it is a patisserie with artistic flair making it stand out.

Bienwerk honey Label - Törtchen Törtchen

For the labels we wanted to do something original but yet make sure the branding was not ignored. A colorful splash (brand colour of course)  contrasted with the negative logo on Bienwerks traditional black white cotton labels was perfect. Bienwerk’s honey comes in 360g squeezable bottles and 325g glass jars and it is already starting to populate Colognes best cafes and restaurants. You will also soon be  able to buy it online, so watch this space.

you can see the original Bienwerk logos here and also a re-brand of their logo and business card here, all carried out by Kikisoso earlier this year.

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Designer and programmer Berndt Kraemer designed the layout for these cards for his client Kai Bretall and he wanted something a bit special to make the cards stand out from the crowd when his client visited business gatherings. Blind deboss and edge painting was the solution. This is where the edge painting really takes over. Using a heavy stock, in this instance the 100% cotton 600gsm Gmund New Grey the orange/yellow edge colour was the perfect contrast.

blind deboss and edge painting
Edge pained with a lovely bright and contrasting orange. Here you can see how thick these cards really are. With edge painting it is best to use thicker stock to make the colour pop.

The rear side of the cards was treated with a blind de-boss meaning without inking up, we pressed the photopolymer plate hard against the cotton paper to produce an impression into the card which was not only visible but could be felt with the fingertips running over the soft surface, basically that’s what the new era of modern letterpress is all about.

Blind_debossing_letterpress_edge_painting03 Blind_debossing_letterpress_edge_painting04

See more of our letterpress business cards here and here. If you are interested in having your own business cards letterpress cards printed then simply drop us a line here and we will be happy to give you a competitive quotation. We also printed the business cards for the UK’s well know Graphic Designer David Airey, also printed on Gmund cotton 600gsm paper with an orange edge finish. You can read more about that here




These quirky letterpress wedding invites went out the door a few weeks ago for one of our customers who will be celebrating their wedding this September in Spain. Naomi and Owen came to us with a ‘Wes Anderson styli’ theme, namely using the Futura bold font throughout the design. If you are wondering what that means, it is because Wes Anderson uses Futura Bold for everything to do with his films from film posters to end credits. So we decide to create some bold chunky invitations in Futura bold with a difference, we wrote it by hand, or rather printed it out and then traced it by hand. The plates were then created and a rich navy rubber based ink chosen for the print.

Here you can see the text biting the paper giving a lovely haptic quality to the invitations

The cards were printed on cotton paper in a extra heavy weight to allow a deeper impression and provide a nice base for a bright orange painted edge. Edge painting was perfect for these invitations as they were until this point very simple and needed the boost. After trying out a few ideas for the rear of the cards, Naomi decided on going for an illustration related to the restaurant where the wedding would be held in Palamos and so that’s where the giant shrimp with the book and the Glass of champers came from. Not to upset the colour balance too much we decided to print the illustration in a light grey which worked very well with the navy type and orange edge painting.


The bright edge painting makes the cards glow when they are stacked together. A lovely effect for a simple card




Here at Kikisoso Creative we create beautiful, bespoke wedding invitations for couples ready to tie the knot using the finest quality papers and stationery etc. Our customers spread over many countries from Ireland, England, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Kuwait, USA and Hawaii. Get in touch with us here to talk about YOUR special day.

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