letterpress sorry card

Letterpress sorry card with pink and taupe tissue lined envelope option. These lovely apology cards are just off the press at kikisoso creative studio. Printed with a great earthy grey achieved by mixing a dark grey and taupe ink, after printing each card was hand finished using a watercolor wash making every card ‘even more ‘ individual. Gmund 100% cotton stock was used for it’s high quality properties and finish and of course we were looking for a slightly off-white appearance rather than the bright white house paper we usually use. The impression into the soft paper can be seen and felt on the fingertips, the real treat of the letterpress print finish.

sorry cards for her - letterpress printed on 100% cotton with high quality tissue lined envelopes

letterpress sorry cards - 100% cotton

Printed on high quality Gmund cotton stock hand finished with a pink watercolor wash.

letterpress sorry card

for him / from him. Extra manly taupe colored envelope

Now available on the kikisoso online store. So if you know your wrong or just feel like taking the blame for a change then you can get some brownie points by giving your partner one of these special cards. You know they’re worth it.

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