• Letterpress business cards
  • simple letterpress business cards printed on super thick cotton stock.
  • Blind deboss on dentist's business card Concept & Print: kikisoso.de
  • graphic designers business cards - Design: David Airey Print: kikisoso
  • Portrait Business card - Print: Kikisoso Illustration: Peter Hoffman
  • Round / Circular business cards - Concept & Print: kikisoso
  • square business cards / 600gsm . photo taken before edge painting applied
  • Graphic Designers Business Card - Letterpress printed on thick cotton paper
  • blind debs on cotton paper. Gold and black letterpress printed
  • gold and black ink letterpress
  • luxury business cards - stand out form the crowd!!!
  • letterpress business cards - logo with embossed effect
  • business cards, simple one colour letterpress on cotton stock.


In a digital world it is paramount to make your brand stand out from the crowd. We offer a full Letterpress printing service of user-centered luxury paper products. Our letterpress business cards are printed on fine papers, thicker stocks when required or even colored edges (edge-painting) all of which separate them from their inferior digital counterparts. The haptic characteristics of letterpress printing lend charm to any business card and and will never fail to impress.


Showcase items

A selection of our clients letterpress business cards printed in house on our antique printing press. Colours hand mixed to clients pantone references. © Copyright Kikisoso, 2000-2016


April 6, 2016



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